you can’t save everyone

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Conceal, Don’t Feel

I will never watch this scene the same ever again. xD

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I just hit level 24 on Destiny, while my friend is struggling to get to 22 because gloves aren't dropping.

Me: *GASP* Guess what, Matt?!
Matt: What?
Me: I am going to hit 24. I just got a new helm.
Matt: Oh my god.
Me: This is fantastic. Are we gonna keep PvPing though? Cause I need the bounties still.
Matt: Yeah, we're gonna keep PvPing.
Matt: Ya fuckin' asshole.

Actually might make my Hunter female cause look at this badass.

I look back to that time, when I could hold you in my arms and nothing felt better than having your fingers intertwined with mine.

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Caretaker doesn’t judge.  (Screenies from WildStarCore.)

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After I posted the sci-fi Korra I got some unexpected (not really) amount of Mass Effect related asks. 2 of them was about whether I have ME related arts. And eh, man, the only tolerable stuff I have is brush tests and warmups (or drawing Garrus for sick friends yes). Everything more or less epic ended up being too ambitions for my current skill set and was scraped, sorry lol.

But here are the sketches I managed to dig up.

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