I think you should all know that three hours of my day have been spent on trying to get the WildStar beta to work. I’ve gotten this error message repeatedly: 


I’ve since uninstalled and re-installed the game, looked the error up and have done everything recommended to “fix it” and it’s not working. I opened a ticket on WildStar support two hours ago and they still haven’t gotten back to me. I know it’s the first day of the beta weekend, they must be swamped with stuff, but damn is this disappointing. 

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This baby knows. [x]

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Hey, one of the spanish translations for Valentines Day is “Dia de la Amistad.” Which means Friendship day. 

That could only mean that you saw this coming.

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It’s not even valentine’s day but I’m bringing these back because I haven’t talked to these beautiful people in a while. </3

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The only thing I want in Avengers 2 is Cap picking up Thor’s hammer, totally unaware it should be impossible.

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Kairi with a ponytail!! Part two of a set of commissions uvu

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