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Thanks so much, Pastry! I was a little nervous about going for the urban look but I’m happy with it! :)

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Let me tell you about this crime fighting business. Wait. Let me spirit gum my mask to my face. #Robin takes #NYCC in one week!

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the… Starlord. by Sharobury.

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SKYRIM CHALLENGE: (Day 3) Favorite School of Magic → Destruction
"The School of Destruction involves harnessing the energies of fire, frost, and shock. This skill makes it easier to cast spells like Fireball, Ice Spike, and Lightning Bolt."
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I’ve explained to some of my friends (those who are interested in video games and the head canons I write for my characters and stuff) that I’ve generally followed a “mold” for what my characters are like in each game. This mold has been something like playing elves, or something like Miqo’te (in FFXIV) every chance I get. So basically, I play generally slim-built characters. (This is just the aesthetic side of the mold)

But lately I’ve been thinking of breaking that mold by trying to play races I wouldn’t play otherwise, simply to add a more interesting turn to the storyline I have going on with my characters. For example, I’m considering playing Qunari in Dragon Age: Inquisition and might main something like Orc or Tauren when Warlords of Draenor drops. 

I don’t know… just my thoughts, I guess. I love talking about this kind of stuff but I don’t really know who’s interested in hearing about them so I just make posts like this one. *shrugs*

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Playing video games until 6:30 am was great and all. But going to sleep with the sun out, waking up at 2 pm and feeling like a zombie was awful. I wasn’t able to do human things until like 30 minutes ago. Jeebus… I’m about to have my first meal of the day.

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KH Week → Day 1: Favorite game in the series

Birth by Sleep

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Thunderdevil, Thunderlord… I’m starting to sense a pattern. I’ve got 0 issues with this. #Destiny

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